Sunday, April 4, 2010


I finished my latest project in time for Easter...just!

It was really easy to put together, although I had to take in the waist about 4cm, which was unusual because I don't normally have to make any alterations to the actual fit of the garment. (I'll probably have to let it out again though, considering the ridiculous amount of chocolate I have consumed in the last 24 hours!)

Loving the design. I was a little perplexed at first when constructing the pockets. I was thinking that I had the incorrect pattern pieces as they didn't seem to sit flat on each other, but soon realised that they were designed to sit out from the actual garment.

It's a cute feature, and was probably a good idea in the 50's so that the fashionable woman could fit in her hanky and cat's eyes sunglasses without causing ugly bulk in her pockets!

At first I wasn't too keen on this design element, and almost re cut the whole pocket again so that it would lay flat on the dress, but decided to keep with the original idea.

I'm SO glad I did! I found an even better reason to have these pockets!

Now I have to admit to avoiding hand stitching like the plague! I hated doing it, and was never satisfied with my hand hemming etc.

That has all changed!

I had lunch with a couple of friends a while back, and one of my girlfriends wore a fabulous dress that she had whipped up. Yes, she had hand hemmed the darn thing! And did a fine job of it.

Bearing this in mind, I decided to give it one more go. I got a bit 'OCD' over it and brought out this trusty little gadget and measured every stitch along the way. Very please with the result too, I might add.

Thanks Tracy, I'm a convert!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

We are off to Kalbarri for a few days, so the jacket will have to wait until then...