Saturday, May 29, 2010

1957 meets 1970 meets Multicultural Day!

So my children's school hosted their annual Multicultural Day on Friday and I put my hand up as a parent helper....again!

Although I've helped out most years, it's always been last minute and I've never bothered to do the costume thing myself - usually because I'm too busy costuming the kids!

Alas, this year, Tom just wanted to go as an English Soccer player (how lame I thought, but seized the opportunity to deck myself out instead).

So last week, I was in Textile Traders with my Mum and spotted this glorious craft fabric and knew immediately that I had to make a Novelty Dress with it.

The bodice is from Vogue 9071 (circa 1957) View A and the skirt is from Simplicity 9065 (circa 1970) the longer view skirt. I didn't want the full skirted version of the Vogue - just a 'no frills' skirt with minimal fabric requirements.
I eliminated all unnecessary seams (centre front and back) so that the print wouldn't be compromised and I also needed a very plain design so that it wouldn't take the eyes away from the fabric print also. I inserted an invisible side zipper so I could eliminate the centre back seam.
A very easy dress to make, I lined the skirt as it was a wee bit see through.

The dress and I had a wonderful time on Multicultural Day, and caused quite a few compliments... and laughs...and prods!

"Oh, Mrs P, I'm dressed up like that person there, and my friend is this one!"

I'm thinking now that I'd like to make up the Vogue dress again with the full skirt for work, maybe in a plaid?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have been so very uninspired to do some sewing lately, but I got a bit of a prod from someone the other day......which made me get off my bot-bot and finish a long awaited project - actually two projects!
I made this self covered belt to go with my Easter Dress that I sewed over a month ago (I know, I know, way too long between drinks!)
I hadn't made a belt like this before but am now thinking I'd like a few more - they really finish an outfit off nicely. I probably could have put in a couple more eyelets, but I thought 'Hey, I'll quit while I'm ahead before I muck it up!'

Rather pleased with myself!!

Then there's the matching jacket. I think it took me so long to finish because half way through it I wasn't sure that I actually liked the darn thing and it just sat there staring at me from my sewing table for about 4 weeks, but having finished it and worn it to work,
And don't you just adore the nifty back view of the collar?
I was a bit puzzled how to put it all together at first, but it kinda fell together quite nicely in the end.
And it won't be so long for the next post.....promise!!!!